Electronic Contract Management System

Why Do You Need An Electronic Contract Management System?

Although often overlooked, accurate and efficient processes are very crucial for any business to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, some businesses are making use of outdated methods for documenting and contract management, not realizing how this practice (electronic management) can influence the productivity of their enterprise positively.

One of the best methods you can use to boost your business efficiency is by adopting the electronic contract management system. This content attempts to explain why it is crucial to have an electronic contract management system.

Existing Processes

In addition to knowing the advantages of a contract management program, it is also necessary to understand the setbacks involved in an existing process and system. If you're not specialized with ad-hoc solutions like excel files, the combination of shared drives, Emails, and other calendar notifications, perhaps most of these setbacks will be familiar to you.

Missed Deadlines

Relying totally on employees to manage deadlines and contract deliverables with calendars, reminders, sticky notes and others, can cause great increase in risk. When you bring in, the possibility of errors by man, you automatically increase the risk of compliance, declining reputation for the business and potentially losing contracts in general. Utilizing an electronic contract management system will grant you and your employees the access to get automatic alerts whenever contracts are getting closer to the expiration date. Even when deadlines are knocking around the corner, removing missed deadlines and other costly problems from your business.

Mismanaged or Lost Files

For companies without a dedicated central contract repository, it is widespread for contracts to be in various places (like emails, desktops, and sometimes filing cabinets). Without a central cabinet to store or manage contracts, there will be a risk of losing a deal and could cause disastrous consequences for the business. An electronic software provides a business with the best and secured repository, to manage and store contracts, thus eliminating the headache of lost, mismanaged, and duplicated files easily.

Version Control

Another problem that may surface when contracts are managed manually is version control. It is nearly impossible to track updates created with spreadsheets accurately, making use of emails as a means of sharing documents entails bigger risk of inaccuracies. Making use of local drives for storing contracts and other files only increase the level of risk. An electronic management system reduces this risk by taking control of ''how and where” contract documents will be stored, tracked and managed by your employees. Using a central repository system will make it very easy to track even the most updated version of a contract and also makes is so easy to reference the necessary copy.


Through the use of this software, businesses can align workflow by simply having a centralized location for the storing and accessing contracts with other relevant data. Customizable access and size function management affect the reduction in some resources and time spent in granting access to files and looking for information manually. If you choose the solution with large storage, you will be left with the convenience of having your business's outstanding contracts and files in one place.


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