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Why Document Management Companies are Urging Businesses to go Paperless- and Why That’s Not Always Possible:

If you manage your business’ documents, you’re no stranger to the relentless call to go paperless; the problem is, that’s not always the right call for every company. Many types of businesses require hard copies of documents to perform the day to day duties of their industry. For their business, a document management system is a great solution. Kraft Business has created a way for businesses to become paper-lite, offering hardware and software solutions to help manage your documents in an efficient manner. If you’re looking to optimize workflow, consider making the switch to Kraft Business.

Going paperless may seem like a dream come true, but that’s not the case for many businesses. If you feel like you’re losing the battle in the war to keep your documents in the cloud, we invite you to see why more businesses are turning to Kraft Business for solutions to keeping their documents on file and organized. The fact is, for most businesses, a delicate balance between retaining hard copy and going paperless is the right call for their company’s budget and for optimum efficiency. Kraft Business can help you find where that balance lies when you contact their team of experts at 616-977-COPY.

Most document management companies are quick to analyze your business and make a recommendation based on the service they want to sell you. That’s not how Kraft Business works. They prefer to take a client-oriented approach to finding the right solution, and they do so by assessing each and every client’s needs in a thorough manner. Contact Kraft today to request a free Technology Assessment that will help their experts determine the best course of action for efficiency in your operations.

The proven Kraft Aim process begins with assessing your business’ needs, implementing the best protocol to meet those needs, and managing your workflow better than any paperless solution could provide. Kraft’s team will assess your office equipment, including copy machines, workstations, tablets, phone systems, along with your IT disaster and recovery plan. As areas of improvement are discovered, Kraft will show you how using new equipment and services can better meet your needs and drive down costs.

If your business could benefit from better equipment that increases productivity, Kraft will help you get set up to compete in your industry to a greater level.

After a successful installation of new office technology, you’ll continue to experience full support from one of the leading document management companies in the industry. Kraft Business maintains 24/7 support for IT with 3 levels of service to better meet the needs of their clients. If you’d like to learn more about Kraft’s exclusive doc management services, feel free to visit their website and click on the ‘Managed Services’ link, leave a message by sending an email, or reach out to a company specialist by calling 616-977-COPY.

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