Printer and MFP Security in the News

Printer and MFP Security in the News

Addressing published claims of HP® printer and MFP vulnerabilities and reviewing how a Sharp MFP’s extensive feature set provides data and network security!
At Sharp we are dedicated to ensuring that our customers are provided with the latest MFP security features and functions. We make every effort to provide you with timely information designed to address current and important topics regarding MFP security.
A recently published article1 detailing a potential security vulnerability found with HP printers affords us an opportunity to bring to your attention the many ways, including access control, data security, and network security, Sharp MFPs can help protect customer data and the networks on which the MFPs reside.
The Issue
The authors of the article found that performing a certain Google™ URL2 search returned, as a result, a list of publicly accessible HP devices. Accessing one of these devices and using a default administrative password was shown to allow access to the device’s configuration web pages. This, in turn, could allow access to sensitive user information and network and device configuration data.
We investigated this issue and found that the vulnerability is not necessarily device-caused, but most likely a result of overlooking the implementation of simple security measures when configuring publicly accessible printers and MFPs. Indeed, the article alludes to this fact3. And, one of the most important measures overlooked was the use of strong administrative passwords.
The Solution
Please remember, when working with any of your customers who plan to make their networked MFPs public, make sure that they follow these simple password guidelines:

  • Change the administrative password from the default. Default passwords are easily found.
  • Employ strong passwords using long strings of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • Follow general guidelines when creating strong passwords—no common names or words, no birthdays, no children or pet names, and no addresses.

Good password protection on a Sharp device’s administrative account will help ensure that if a device is publicly accessible it will not present a security threat to a company’s internal network.
Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America
Our continuing focus on device and data security helps your customers prevent unwanted access to their corporate resources using key capabilities and features of Sharp MFPs including:

  • Port and protocol disabling
  • Unused network service disabling
  • Use of SSL and other secure protocols
  • User authority groups
  • Administrative account limitations
  • Data security features providing data overwriting and encryption
  • IP and MAC address filtering functions

Sharp has a long-standing tradition of providing the finest security features in the industry. To assist you further, attached is a matrix describing in additional detail the many security features available on our equipment.

Sharp Continues To Extend Its Leadership in the MFP Industry with the Introduction of Four Mid-Volume Workgroup Document Systems

Sharp Continues To Extend Its Leadership in the MFP Industry with
the Introduction of Four Mid-Volume Workgroup Document Systems
New color MFPs raise the bar for productivity with added features, including Compact PDF scanning, wireless networking, enhanced cloud storage and PANTONE® licensing!
Sharp is pleased to announce the new MX-4140N, MX-4141N, MX-5140N and MX-5141N color workgroup document systems, which replace the MX-4110N, MX-4111N, MX-5110N and MX-5111N in our current product lineup. These new models are the perfect solution for general office environments where productivity and reliability are essential. Sharp’s second generation touch-screen display provides a fast response time
for quick menu navigation, and new multi-touch capabilities offer tablet-style image manipulation. A full-size retractable keyboard is standard on the MX-4141N and MX-5141N models.
Key Features:

  • These models will offer Sharp Cloud Portal Office, a new cloud storage service (available shortly after launch)
  • Standard True Adobe® Postscript® 3™ printing ensures documents will print as expected
  • Compact PDF feature reduces the file size of scanned color documents by as much as 75% (standard on the MX-4141N/5141N)
  • Standard Pantone licensing for color critical environments using the Pantone Matching System (available shortly after launch)
  • Built-in wireless NIC offers convenient wireless printing and scanning for mobile users without having to access the wired corporate network MX-4140N/4141N/5140N/5141N Availability

The new MX-4140N, MX-4141N, MX-5140N and MX-5141N color workgroup document systems are available immediately for purchase.

Welcome Josh Drummond

Josh Drummond, Inside Sales Representative, currently lives in East Grand Rapids and has two older twin sisters and a younger brother. Josh was a part of 5 state championships in high school, three in football and two in lacrosse. When he graduated high school he went down to Phoenix, Arizona where he played lacrosse for Grand Canyon University and was the rookie of the year in the independent conference. After his first year of college in Arizona he transferred back to Michigan to finish up my collegiate career at Saginaw Valley State University where he played football. He spent 5 months living in Hawaii and hiked almost every mountain in Oahu. 

His favorite hobbies include kayaking, wakeboarding, and he is currently training to compete in a triathlon. He is a very big family man and enjoys spending time with his siblings and parents whenever the opportunity arises.

Welcome Andrew Sharrah

Andrew Sharrah, an enthusiast of everything technology, joins Kraft Business Systems IT Department as an IT Technician. Prior to working at Kraft, Andrew worked as an IT Manager/IT Specialist/IT Intern at Precision Aerospace Corporation for roughly three years. Andrew obtained his Associates degree from Lansing Community College in the area of Computer Networking and Information Security back in 2008 and also obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Grand Valley State University in the area of Information Systems last December 2012.

In his free time, Andrew enjoys watching and playing his favorite sports, exercising, spending time with family and friends, learning about/fixing/tinkering with computers, playing the occasional video game, and listening to music.

Are you experiencing Billing Issues?

We have gone through a large software update and, in some cases, created some billing frustration for some of our customers; it has been a long process, but it will give us all an increase in efficiency and accuracy as we go forward.

Unfortunately, as most of you know from going through this in your own business, it has taken us longer than we expected and has caused issues and errors in the process.  We have identified these and are in course of correcting them.

If you would like to schedule a time for a KBS Representative to come explain your bill, or talk to you more about the billing process at Kraft please contact Josh Drummond at or 616-559-1125

New Technology: Sharp AQUOS BOARD

One of Sharp’s many new offerings aims to match your organization’s BIG thinking: the AQUOS BOARD.  Designed with the idea that a BIG SCREEN provides a BIG IMPACT with BIG ADVANTAGES over conventional display solutions, the AQUOS BOARD definitely delivers.

Three available size options exit to fit your needs: 80″ class, 70″ class, and 60″ class.

The brilliant high definition LCD panel, with energy-efficient design, provides a beautiful display while also allowing you to annotate, store and sharing your information.  The easy multi-touch operation with a pen or finger defines the functionality of the device.  The exclusive, user-intuitive Sharp Pen Software™ pairs well with high-performance optical imaging and infrared detection systems for quick response.  The Direct Sharp MFP connectivity makes it easy to import or export data between machines.  To further usability, the device comes with built-in templates that include calendars, to-do lists, and more.

For more information on the AQUOS BOARD or other Sharp products, give us a call at (616) 977-2679.

Smart Video™ by LifeSize

Smart Video is a term coined by LifeSize, a division of Logitech, to describe a video conferencing experience that is feature-rich, simple and doesn’t require any training.  Smart Video is following the trend of smartphones by having a keen focus on providing a radically simplified user experience.

The top five reasons that LifeSize believes they offer truly Smart Video:
1.  Easy enough for anyone to use without training
2.  Lots of infrastructure applications with none of the hassle
3.  Heads-up experience
4.  Name-based dialing
5.  Smart scheduling

Seeing is believing, so click here to request a demo to see LifeSize Icon Series in action.

Give us a call at (616) 977-2679 to have us answer any questions you may have or to get involved with this exciting technology.

Information Technology: As Easy As IT

With mobility, cloud, converging voice, video and data services and other technology innovations helping drive end-user productivity and business results, Managed Workplace from Level Platforms solves your increasingly complex IT network and device management issues.

Managed Workplace is a next-generation remote monitoring and management software platform, which delivers end-to-end visibility into the networks, cloud, applications and devices relied on by your end-users.  See everything that is happening in your IT environment through a unified web-based dashboard, with automatic discovery and monitoring of existing and new devices.  Use alerting to proactively address performance and security concerns.  Automate configuration and network settings to increase productivity, enforce usage policies and improve security.

For more information about Managed Workplace, visit:

For more information on how you can use this and similar tools to grow your business, contact Kraft Business Systems at (616) 977-2679.

KBS named 2012 GreatAmerica Premier Dealer

Kraft Business Systems has been named a 2012 GreatAmerica Premier Dealer by GreatAmerica Financial Services!

GreatAmerica defines this title as having “the business acumen it takes to be an industry market leader; a long-term outlook, ethical business conduct, customer focus and loyalty to worthy business partners.”

For more information about GreatAmerica Financial Services, visit their website at: